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Restoration Services

Leader in the field of restorations to brick and sandstone buildings in Sydney

Tuckpointing is the raised white lines on the brick outlines on Federation period homes and buildings.Tuckpointing is also known as a way of using two contrasting colours of mortar in brickwork, one colour matching the bricks themselves, to give an artificial impression that very fine joints have been made. Dwyer Heritage Restorations specialise in tuckpointing, the system we use is unique and […]

Sydney has many beautiful sandstone buildings. In fact a large proporation of Sydney sits on Sandstone. Many of these buildings were built in the 19th or early 20th centuries and now are in need of careful restoration. The supply of matching sandstone can be difficult to obtain. Dwyer Heritage Restorations has successfully completed many projects […]

Dwyer Heritage Restorations specialise in repointing of brickwork, granite and all types of stone. The system is unique and approved by the PWD, CSIRO Materials Science & Engineering and Heritage Architects. We developed the system over 30 years ago and were the first in the world to be able to pump replacement mortar. It is […]

Dwyer Heritage Restorations has highly skilled tradesmen capable of undertaking all types of capentry restoration work. We can supply and fit new or restore timber framed windows or do detailed restoration to staircases, panelling, flooring, doors etc. Recent Carpentry Projects Establishment Hotel (George St, Sydney) Manning Building (Pitt St, Sydney) St Vincent’s College, Potts Point […]

Steel windows were a feature of our early commercial buildings. Many now have significant deterioration to the frames that may require sections to be replaced or restored. Cast frame windows may also require new castings to be made. Most early buildings also have thin frost glass which is now unsuitable for glazing and needs to […]

Paint stripping of various substrates has now become a very specialised field with requirements to remove lead based paints and effectively and environmentally concious is imperative. There are many choices of paint stripping processes and systems that require careful assessment and experienced application. It is possible to remove paint completely from a variety or porous […]

There are many and varied applications of decorative coatings that are superior to a painted surface. Dwyer Heritage Restorations has developed a sand coating system that is difficult to distinguish form real sandstone. It is very effective for coating rendered surfaces and has been successfully used on many large projects. Whilst costing more than paint […]