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Jan 12, 2013
Iconic Sydney Sandstone Buildings

If you live or have ever travelled to Sydney, then no doubt you would have seen a majority of the works completed by Dwyer Heritage Restorations just by looking at some of Sydney’s iconic sandstone buildings.

Sandstone itself forms the bedrock for much of the region of Sydney and the many of the main public buildings, which were built in sandstone from Pyrmont where some 50 quarries operated. As a highly favoured building material, especially preferred during the city’s early years, from the late 1790s to the 1890s, its use particularly in public buildings, gives the city its distinctive appearance.

Our expertise in Sandstone Restoration has allowed us to work on many of these public and commercial buildings including the St James Trust Building, Landmark Centre (York St), St Patrick’s Church (The Rocks) and Old MLC Head Office Building (Martin Place) for which we are extremely proud of.

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